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Punjabi Food

Punjabi cuisine is wholesome and is full of rustic flavor. Even today, the custom of cooking in community ovens or tandoors prevails in rural areas. Tandoori dishes are popular all over the country today. Naans, parathas, and rotis made of maize or wheat flour are typical Punjabi breads. Most of these are prepared in the tandoors and served hot with a chunk of butter or Desi ghee and a plate of green chilly and lime. Some of the well known dishes of Punjabi food made from Pulses, Beans or lentils preparations are : Dal Makhani (Mah di Dal), Rajma Spl. Bhaderwahi, Channa Masala, Sarson da saag with Makki Di Roti, Amritsari Kulcha-Channa, etc…!~Punjabi

Chinese Food

A collection of vegetarian Chinese food recipes that we offer are : Veg. Chowmin, Hakka Noodles, Veg. Manchurian, Veg. Fried Rice, Chilly Cheese, Rich Creamy Soups, etc. If you’re a vegetarian who likes eating out at Chinese restaurants, try these typical Chinese food recipes at our Restaurant…!~Chinese